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We recently spoke with Leslie Pratt, Senior Business Analyst at Fusion Alliance, about the work she has been doing to make a difference in her community. We asked about what volunteering means to her, how other employers can make it easy for employees to contribute, and how giving impacts the greater community.  

I read that you’re a longtime volunteer with Altrusa. I have to admit, I had never heard of them! Tell me more about them.

The name Altrusa is a concatenation of the words “altruism” and USA. The Indianapolis club was founded back in 1917 by Mamie Bass and a few other businesswomen (in their 1917 ruffled blouses and long skirts!). The club has been active in Indianapolis ever since.

It’s a cool combination of history and tradition along with current-day activism.

What do you like about their opportunities to volunteer?

Altrusa makes it easy to get involved and build a better community. The service events are well organized. I show up, the supplies are there, and I can make a difference. We are actively looking for new members, so if you’re interested, find our Facebook page or visit the website.

How do donations impact the community?

Altrusa does a variety of hands-on service projects in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We work on a wide variety of situations where we can provide assistance, from homeless youth to under-resourced teachers and women and children fleeing domestic abuse. It sounds like a lot of work, but we have a lot of fun too.

For example, we totally refurbished a multi-use room for Coburn Place. We painted, refinished furniture, outfitted, and decorated all while laughing, talking, and getting to know the residents. Coburn Place provides a two-year transition program for women who have experienced imitate violence and domestic abuse. The women in the program have their own small apartment and can work on getting a GED, learning English, getting citizenship, and learning skills for transitioning into jobs and independent living. The room we designed is used for study, as a conference room and a sewing classroom. Coburn Place awarded Altrusa “Best Volunteer Organization” for 2019.

How has being a Fusion Alliance employee made it easier for you to give back?

The giving platform that Fusion uses, Pinkaloo, makes it easy to find organizations when I want to contribute. If I can’t find the organization on the platform, they are very open to adding other 501(c)(3) organizations. It was easy to make a one-time contribution and Fusion matched it! It was great to get the receipt for my taxes too.

Fusion Alliance’s Modern Giving Program originated as a response to employee survey results that our employees wanted Fusion to support them in their charitable giving. Over the years, our employees have taken advantage of the platform to support charities both familiar and new and Fusion has been able to provide matches to these employees to further their charitable impact. We are highlighting an employee and one of the charities that the Modern Giving Program has enabled them to continue to support. 

Looking for a new career with an employer that values giving back? Check out the careers section of our website and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for announcements about open roles.  

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