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A good website is much more than good looks and cool functionality. To be successful, your website needs to attract your target audience, deliver the information, service, or product they need, and do it in an engaging way. To do so, you need to leverage content relevant to their needs, optimize it so it can be found in search (SEO), and design the site so that visitors can easily find, or be driven to, the answers they are looking for.

Our client, an AI automation company focused on healthcare, realized that their website wasn’t getting the traffic or leads they were looking for. They were creating a lot of content, but the right people were either not getting there to see it, weren’t finding what they were looking for once there, or weren’t engaged enough to request more information or contact.

Adding to this, our client’s internal users — the marketing team — weren’t able to input new content, optimize for search, or design updates without IT support. This not only delayed campaigns, but also hurt their search performance.

The organization had three main goals:

  • Boost their SEO performance
  • Improve website navigation and user experience
  • Enable their marketing team to make updates without additional IT support

To achieve these goals, our client knew they needed to evaluate their content, website, and internal processes. That’s when they reached out to Fusion for help.



Because this client creates a lot of complex content, information architecture and navigation were cornerstones of this website redesign. We implemented drop-down navigation and introduced the concept of “pillar” pages to provide overviews and direction as well as generate better SEO results. Their customers are no longer lost in content, but instead have guided paths to the information they need, resulting in a better browsing and customer experience.

Functionally, the client was using WordPress, but they weren’t taking advantage of all of its capabilities to meet their business needs. We worked with them to implement WordPress best practices and plug-ins to further help their site’s performance and put the internal marketing team in control of content delivery. By leveraging WordPress Advanced Custom Fields components, their marketing team can now create the content they need and publish and update whenever necessary.

In terms of design, we helped the client focus on delivering their content in ways their target audience wants to consume it. We developed a clear, consistent component library approach to create “pillar” pages that provide short content for busy users who only have time to scan for information and long content for users who are researching and considering options. After using this “pillar” page concept of multiple components to optimize their home page, our client asked us to implement the same concept on their other main website pages as well.


With the optimized content, navigation, and design, our client has seen an increase in traffic to the website and the length of time users spend on site. They feel they are now attracting the right people and delivering the right information while increasing the desire for more content. Additionally, the marketing team is now empowered to update and own their content without needing to go through IT.

46% increase in total entrance rates
46% increase in total entrance rates
26% increase in average session duration
26% increase in average session duration
Improved online experience
Improved online experience

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