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Vectren wanted to improve engagement and launch a customer engagement strategy to create a seamless experience across channels, i.e., omnichannel. Learn how it set the stage for success.


For years, utility companies’ interactions with customers traditionally centered around negative triggers, such as outages and billing issues. But today’s customers expect high-value engagement, and Vectren wanted to deliver experiences that develop lasting relationships. To do so, they needed to examine their customers’ online behaviors to build a holistic, predictive, and adaptable digital strategy — one that integrated channel use, personalization, and a solid, flexible technology foundation. What they needed was a digital roadmap.



Vectren engaged our Fusion team to evaluate their customer journey, considering online and offline channels and customer behaviors, as well as the readiness of Vectren’s data, technology, human resources, and organizational structure for supporting omnichannel delivery.

Beginning with a journey mapping exercise, Vectren matched their customer touchpoints to tasks and identified the operational and technical processes that resulted in customer dissatisfaction.

The exercise helped Vectren identify:

  • Siloed systems/data
  • Process and resource bottlenecks
  • Interaction points that were barriers to customer engagement

Next, we conducted an in-depth analysis that included content analysis and audits of Vectren’s key customer touchpoints, including their corporate website, online transactions and communications, mobile app, microsites, social channels, emails, customer and organizational data, and customer service channels, as well as underlying processes and technologies.

The analysis included industry trends, competitor research, and best practices recommendations. By performing this analysis, we helped Vectren identify:

  • How to fully integrate customer awareness channels into the digital journey
  • Which specific digital touchpoints and business processes needed to be re-engineered to increase customer satisfaction
  • Opportunities to improve brand value and engage in more effective one-to-one conversations with customers
  • Key initiatives to prioritize based on customer preferences and behaviors (by programs, social channel, device, etc.)
  • Opportunities for cross-departmental and cross-disciplinary collaboration

The final product for this phase of the work was a digital roadmap, with prioritized projects, resource needs, technology impacts, and success measures.


By developing a digital roadmap, Vectren was able to have a clear picture of what must be done to achieve a true omnichannel solution that included a digital marketing strategy and a 360-degree view of customer interactions across online and offline channels. The roadmap identified projects; skill gaps and prioritized remediation; and a communication tool to help educate various Vectren business units about the overarching value of the approach.

Digital roadmap to execute engagement strategy
Digital roadmap to execute engagement strategy
Vision alignment across leadership
Vision alignment across leadership
Tighter interdepartmental collaboration
Tighter interdepartmental collaboration

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