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Learn how a website redesign and CMS installation helped one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers deliver results in digital, mobile, and web marketing.


With healthcare in a state of constant change, UnitedHealthOne (UHOne), had to make changes to its online presence to unify and reinforce the brand. It also needed to more effectively deliver quotes to potential customers during peak times.

But there were challenges: several internal websites, two public-facing sites, and the need to design a single website to meet the changing demands of the Affordable Care Act. UHOne also wanted to strengthen brand identity, personally connect with broad audiences, and create web properties that can be adapted quickly, all while complying with brand regulations. That’s a tall order.



UHOne recognized it needed to overcome three challenges to remain competitive: infrastructure, branding, and marketing. It worked with our Fusion team to develop a solutions approach with an Agile Scrum methodology that leveraged three concurrent workstreams: technical, digital and design, and content.

The technical workstream

  • Conducted an analysis of infrastructure and relevant system parameters required to establish a solid, enterprise-level Sitecore Content Management Systems (CMS) environment with appropriate security, capacity, and operation readiness
  • Planned, designed, and rolled out Sitecore environments for development, test, model, and production
  • Created a platform-as-a-service model, enabling microsite creation and configuration of future web properties that may be created on the Sitecore instance

The digital and design workstream

  • Created a design and user-experience strategy that is repeatable and/or translatable to multiple sites served by the Sitecore platform, while still allowing for each site to develop its own “personality”
  • Established critical success factors for website organization, experience architecture, navigation, functionality, and visual design
  • Determined mobile usage needs and parameters for responsive web design

The content workstream

  • Restructured existing content to utilize Sitecore’s CMS capabilities: delivering personalized, modular content for consumers using ever-evolving devices
  • Laid the foundation for a “localization” approach to personalization due to constraints of state regulations
  • Developed content governance protocols that utilize Sitecore’s workflow capabilities and reflect current content marketing, SEO, and mobile/device best practices
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager to accurately track visitor activity and conversion rates
  • UHOne took time to rebuild the right infrastructure and implement the appropriate systems, and it paid off. Working together, we implemented a Sitecore CMS platform structure, combined the public website into the unified website, and developed repeatable, scalable processes for hosting future sites on the Sitecore CMS platform to meet strategic business needs.


The company didn’t just step up to the challenge, it hit a home run. UnitedHealthcare’s Sitecore CMS installation and website redesign gave the UHOne business a firm foundation for its current and future digital, mobile, and web marketing strategies under a single, correlated URL.

By creating and maintaining a strong, recognizable brand and online presence, UHOne is able to more effectively and efficiently draw in potential customers and complete business transactions, the sum of which leads to an increased bottom line.

3x increase of online transactions completed
3x increase of online transactions completed
Improved time-to-launch
Improved time-to-launch
Integration of CRM systems
Integration of CRM systems

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