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Retailer puts cloud integrations and API modernization into action

An international retail apparel giant needed to scale their digital ecosystem to support expansion while modernizing legacy backend systems. To future-proof their tech and improve customer experience, they looked to Fusion Alliance for help. 


Legacy backend systems
Their legacy systems couldn't keep up with in-store needs, including point of sale and inventory. This slowed down operations and negatively affected the customer experience.
Inability to scale
While the retailer wanted to expand their footprint, their current setup wasn't scalable. Adding new stores would put further strain on an already struggling backend system.
Online shopping experience
While their in-person shopping experience was solid, they needed to prioritize their online shopping capabilities to better serve a wider scope of customers.



The retail company understood their technology challenges and was ready to tackle them, but they didn't have  set starting point or a solid strategy in place. They enlisted Fusion Alliance to design and implement a new technology architecture to support existing stores, continued growth, and a more customer-focused online shopping experience.  

To meet these goals, our team recommended API modernization to bridge the gap between existing applications and a future-focused, rich integration architecture.  

Our goal


Built an API modernization roadmap

Because the client’s outsourced API functionality limited their flexibility, we recommended an API modernization strategy to bring the integration back in-house. 


To translate “API first” into action, we collaborated with the client’s internal teams to design a roadmap that aligned internal business objectives with concrete steps toward digital transformation.  


Our solution

  • Designed the reference architecture that would support a modern scalable architecture that included essential capabilities, platforms, and components
  • Established key business capabilities that were adequate for the current state and those that needed additional support for channel modernization
  • Analyzed platforms and tools, and explored a variety of software packages across IPaaS, marketplace, API management, and other COTS/SaaS to accelerate the future program effort

Our goal


Driving API first success

With a blueprint in place that showed possibilities and empowered the client to make clear decisions related to their API modernization, our client was positioned to grow over the long term. 


From there, our team laid out the key infrastructure that would drive API modernization success. 


Our solution

  • Selected and deployed an API marketplace that would act as the heart of future integration topology
  • Layered in other modern platforms, including Confluent Kafka, to accelerate the API modernization strategy
  • Produced and shared the essential accelerators and templates needed to support future federated delivery models across all business units 


Ultimately, implementing API modernization is an organizational change project. Our work not only laid the technical groundwork and built out a modern API ecosystem, but also gave the client the knowledge and confidence to be successful from day one — and well into the future. 


Today, the client’s online presence reflects the elevated in-store shopping experience that made their brand a household name. As customer expectations shift and new opportunities emerge, they can leverage their API marketplace to easily adjust and respond with seamless improvements. 

Most importantly, API modernization equipped the client team to meet their overall business goal of expansion on a global scale. By putting API first ideas into practice, the client continues to see significant ROI, including: 

increased efficiency
improved speed to market
improved quality

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