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A leading grocery retailer partnered with Fusion for years to find new ways to launch innovations and ideas that ultimately increase revenue and market share, redefining the business model and grocery shopping as we know it.


The grocery industry is changing. Players like Walmart, Amazon, and Instacart are making it so that customers never have to leave their houses to get the fresh food they are accustomed to buying at their local supermarket. New meal-kit delivery services like Blue Apron allow customers to have pre-prepped food delivered to their door. With today’s consumers having more options than ever, their expectations of convenience are unrivaled. Traditional grocers have to find a way to keep up.

One of the nation’s largest supermarkets reached out to Fusion to help them utilize the latest technology to forge their path forward. The results were not only new applications that would improve their market position and customer loyalty, but also a digital transformation that would elevate their brand entirely.



When the company reached out to Fusion, they had already developed a proprietary solution that could change the way their customers shopped in the store, helping them avoid waiting in checkout lines. A pilot program was underway in select stores and showed improvements in the shopping experience that brought customers back again and again.

Together with Fusion, the company developed a mobile application that allowed the program to be rolled out. Additionally, the application team added data analytics features to the application to collect valuable information about customer purchases, allowing the retailer to better inform the customer buying experience and improve customer service.

The partnership didn’t stop there though. Since then, Fusion has been an integral part of multiple consulting teams working on different technologies and applications. The ability for our experts to work with and lead teams with other consulting firms has proven invaluable for this retailer and allowed them to make significant progress on their strategic initiatives.

This retailer’s digital transformation has been so successful that they are taking this initial mobile application, among others, and working to license them for commercial sale. This company realized that early and constant focus on innovation has led to much of their success, and that other retailers were experiencing the same issues and looking for the same solutions. Providing such solutions commercially would unlock another revenue source and move the retailer even further to the top of the grocery space.


Fusion has partnered with this leader and is committed to helping them develop and scale these applications as they move into the future of grocery buying.

Developed commercially licensed applications
Developed commercially licensed applications
Increased store loyalty and profitability
Increased store loyalty and profitability
Improved customer service
Improved customer service

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