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Implementing best practices is key to success with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Poor implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sitecore caused slow page load speeds, a broken checkout process, and lengthy system downtime that damaged customer trust and threatened the success of a retail furniture giant.
Implementing best practices is key to success with Microsoft Dynamics AX


Frequent site crashes
After implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sitecore, Ashley Furniture’s ecommerce website frequently crashed, especially during high traffic periods. This led to potential customers leaving the site and caused high bounce rates.
Broken checkout process
The checkout process was sluggish and often timed out, prompting customers to abandon their online cart. In other cases, the checkout process wouldn’t finalize at all, causing customer frustration.
Extended system downtime
The Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP required frequent maintenance and updates which led to extended periods of employee downtime.



The furniture company was concerned with the loss of productivity, poor user experience, and lost revenue. They were determined to rebuild their ecommerce presence and build a stable foundation for their online platform. The company reached out to Fusion Alliance for an architectural assessment to determine what was causing the poor performance and how to fix it. 

Our team found that the existing implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sitecore did not align with either platform’s best practices, which led to the company’s issues.   

Project goal

Determine the source of platform instability 

The retail furniture company chose Microsoft Dynamics AX to streamline operations, manage finances, provide customer service, and maintain ecommerce. When implemented properly, this robust platform creates a foundation for success, but it requires close adherence to best practices to achieve ideal performance. We knew the first step was to determine why the site kept crashing and system failures continued to occur.  


Our solution
  • Completed an in-depth platform assessment 
  • Evaluated the existing system configuration and performance characteristics against both Microsoft and Sitecore best practices 
  • Determined high-level, symptomatic issues that needed to be fixed immediately
Project Goal

Stabilize Dynamics AX and Sitecore  

Once we determined the source of the problems, the company needed direction and a plan to fix the most significant issues.  

Our solution
  • Created a detailed roadmap of recommendations and how to implement them 
  • Categorized the recommendations to allow the company to prioritize actions to make the biggest impact 
  • Advised the company on which configuration and deployment changes would result in immediate performance or stability enhancements 


A path to ecommerce success

This furniture company needed a strong, stable website in order to stay competitive and maintain their reputation for excellence. Now, their website is not only reliably operational, it offers an excellent customer experience and a secure, simple checkout process. 

faster Page Load Speeds
drop in Bounce Rate
fewer Abandoned Carts 


Our Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sitecore assessment went beyond providing our client with a step-by-step plan to fix the broken platform. Instead, we created a strategy that would combine short-term stabilization solutions with a view on long-term support.  


Increased online sales revenue 


Once best practices were established, the furniture company’s ecommerce website operated much more smoothly. Faster page load times kept customers engaged and reduced the bounce rate, and a simple, secure checkout process prompted customers to complete transactions, resulting in fewer abandoned carts and higher online sales revenue


Improved insight into data and content 


Our client was able to maximize the potential of both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sitecore. This gave them more insight into customer data so they could increase personalization and engagement. At the same time, Sitecore’s content features simplified content strategy and delivery so they could create, manage, and deliver content across multiple channels.  

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sitecore are robust tools designed to improve operations at every stage of the enterprise, but they need to be properly implemented and configured with best practices in mind. With our architecture assessment and clear, detailed roadmap, our client can access the full power and benefits of both platforms.  

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