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Boosting data ROI with a data analytics assessment

Seven Corners wanted to increase their focus on analytics to build a more effective digital strategy, but they soon discovered significant inconsistencies and inaccuracies across multiple data sources.
Boosting data ROI with a data analytics assessment3


Inaccurate foundational data
Seven Corners looked at several data sources, including their lead generation data and data analytics, and found significant inconsistencies throughout. The lack of accuracy and consistency in their data made it impossible to create a successful and measurable digital marketing strategy.
Improper data collection in Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager was set up to collect data in Google Analytics, but problems in the implementation compromised the quality of the data being collected.
Lack of analytics experience
The team saw the inconsistencies in the data, but they didn’t have the internal experience in digital analytics, specifically Google Analytics, to identify where the problems were coming from and how they could fix them and improve on their existing foundation.


Seven Corners reached out to Fusion Alliance to get to the bottom of their data inaccuracies. After listening to their concerns and determining that the problems stemmed from Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager, we conducted a comprehensive digital analytics assessment to identify issues and look for areas of improvement.  

Project goal

Determine the source of inaccuracies 

To determine why Google Analytics was collecting inaccurate data, we looked at how it was implemented across the Seven Corners website and lead generation sources.   

Our solution
  • Evaluated implementation across primary interactions on their website  
  • Checked implementation against Google Analytics best practices  
  • Audited the digital transaction path  
Project Goal

Rebuild a solid foundation for analytics 

After running the digital analytics assessment and seeing where improvements were possible, the next step was to provide Seven Corners with a clear plan of action to improve their implementation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 

Our solution
  • Created a list of 40 actionable recommendations, prioritized by urgency, to significantly improve the accuracy and quality of collected data
  • Built a detailed list of specific issues in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager that need to be fixed immediately.
  • Recommended best practices to prevent issues in the future 
Project Goal

Create opportunities for further improvements

To help Seven Corners achieve their long-term goal of owning and maintaining their analytics and leverage their data to build successful and effective campaigns, we offered a more future-focused strategy in their digital analytics assessment findings.  

Our solution
  • Offered suggestions for continued improvements to implement after initial issues were resolved
  • Provided greater clarity in leveraging analytics tools 



"This was one of the most valuable projects for Seven Corners in 2018”  

Authoritative source of truth
A source of truth to act as their data foundation
checklist of actionable insights
Over 40 actionable and prioritized recommendations to improve accuracy and quality of collected data
Analytics insight
Working knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager


“[The digital analytics assessment] served as a springboard for us to drive significant improvements in Return on Marketing Investment” 

Fusion went beyond helping Seven Corners establish an authoritative source of truth that gave them a baseline of data. We wanted to help them succeed in their long-term goals of elevating their marketing data analysis using analytics. By focusing on continued improvements in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, rather than just high-priority fixes, Fusion gave Seven Corners a more focused understanding of digital analytics and best practices as well as a higher potential to build a more useful data set that would support a more comprehensive digital strategy.  


Building success through powerful data


A digital analytics assessment was crucial to uncovering the unseen issues in Seven Corners’ data. Now, they have the tools and knowledge to maintain ownership of their analytics, empowering them to build data-backed campaigns, build and execute strategy, and leverage their marketing budgets more effectively.  

Despite their original lack of expertise, Seven Corners now has a focused understanding of digital analytics and how to leverage them for success so they can continue to grow and exceed their goals. 

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