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Do you have what you need to create the right digital strategy and effectively reach your customers? A digital analytics assessment helped Seven Corners pave a new path.


Seven Corners, a comprehensive travel insurance company, was ready to change their overall digital strategy. They wanted to increase their focus on digital analytics but quickly realized that their foundational data was not consistent or accurate. Multiple data sources, including lead-generation data, agencies, and data analytics, told different stories. The company needed to establish an authoritative source of truth by which they could measure all other tactics.


This was one of the most valuable projects for us in 2018. It served as a springboard for us to drive significant improvements in return on marketing investment.

Greg Jung, VP of Marketing, Seven Corners


After identifying that inaccurate and inconsistent data was being collected in Google Analytics (GA) via Google Tag Manager (GTM), our Fusion team conducted a comprehensive audit and assessment of Seven Corners’ digital analytics implementation and evaluated it across the primary interactions on the website. We provided Seven Corners with:

  • 40 actionable and prioritized recommendations to significantly improve the accuracy and quality of the data being collected
  • Detailed list of issues in GA and GTM that need to be corrected
  • Suggestions for the future use of features within GA and other tools that will enhance digital analytics capabilities
  • Best-practices recommendations
  • Suggestions of improvements to implement after resolving prioritized issues


With validated data and an improved digital transaction path, Seven Corners has a firm foundation to rely on when conducting future campaigns and drawing insights from their data.

Client ownership of strategy and execution
Client ownership of strategy and execution
Potential for a more useful data set
Potential for a more useful data set
Clarity and focused understanding of digital analytics strategy and tools
Clarity and focused understanding of digital analytics strategy and tools

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