Digital redesign improves customer experience for auto glass service

Learn out how this auto glass service improved their online experience to drive customer and partner satisfaction and engagement to the next level.



In today’s client-centric market, this industry leader wanted to improve the overall experience for their commercial customers and independent retail partners. Their main objective was to replace two existing websites with ones that enhance usability and interaction. The new sites would feature improved online resources and new self-service capabilities. But first, the company needed to better understand their current customer journey before they could execute these new solutions.


Our client’s objective was to create a new, streamlined, automated, user-friendly, cloud-based, web-enabled solution. Much more than a website, this solution would allow customers, both commercial clients and independent repair partners, to interact with it, schedule services, send purchase orders, track invoices and payments, and facilitate the end-to-end process amongst insurance companies, commercial entities, and third-party glass shops.

To better understand their current customer journey, we conducted interviews to create personas and examined our client’s current websites for relevance and competitiveness in today’s market. Based on the new, improved understanding of current experiences and pain points, we set a minimum viable product (MVP) for each initiative and created roadmaps for implementation.

We then worked to plan and execute the project within an Agile framework. We provided Agile training and guidance throughout the project that allowed us to work side-by-side with our client on development and integration within the company’s existing architecture and platforms. The sprint-based development provided quick delivery of features for review and feedback. The end result was high business value delivered quickly.


Our client’s new web-enabled solutions and increased online self-service options were designed to increase customer retention and loyalty. These solutions will also dramatically reduce the volume of communications with our client’s service and support teams, which should significantly reduce the demand on their internal resources.

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Increased transparency of key user-facing information
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Improved understanding of current CX and pain points
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Reduced demand on internal resources

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