Customer journey map drives customer experience for Cincinnati Bell

Learn why customer journey mapping is critical to delivering meaningful customer experiences and to developing any mobile app.



When Cincinnati Bell, a Midwestern provider of integrated communications solutions, decided to create a mobile app, they embarked on a journey that would improve overall customer experience (CX) and establish a measurable, actionable CX strategy.

Before forging ahead with their plan to roll out a relevant mobile app, Cincinnati Bell set on a course to understand its customers and how they feel about the company’s services and processes. While some businesses might try to deliver an app without such planning, Cincinnati Bell invited the opportunity to connect its quality service and mobile app to a carefully considered CX strategy.


Our team of Fusion digital experts assessed Cincinnati Bell’s current CX strategy and developed a customer journey map with recommendations for improvements. Analyzing the customer data provided critical insights into the customer base, which enabled us to develop persona profiles for two customer segments. The two personas were used to map out the customer journeys and identify the actions, thoughts, and emotions of the customer, along with the interactions and touchpoints between the customer and Cincinnati Bell.

Using the map and its findings, we performed a gap analysis to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience along this journey. The data collected established a clear view of where in the journey the two personas experienced friction. It also equipped Cincinnati Bell with an enlightening 360-degree view of the customer experience.


The customer journey map served as the foundation for Cincinnati Bell’s My Account application development. The map also helped prioritize deliverables, including what was necessary for the initial application rollout and what features could be pushed to Phase 2 of the project.

In addition, the map identified how internal groups impacted customer experience and when and where they could improve interactions. This information enabled Cincinnati Bell to align departments and operatives so that employees were unified in their ability to deliver meaningful, positive experiences.

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