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PRECISIONxtract’s transformative healthcare market access solutions offer patients and providers unprecedented connection to the right medication and resources in clinical settings. To bring that vision to life, they needed a partner with a wide range of strategic, creative, and technical expertise.

Fusion quickly became an integral part of PRECISIONxtract’s team, assembling a cross-functional group of experts to deliver responsive support for a growing set of initiatives. In addition to advanced data, technology, and AI expertise, PRECISIONxtract looked to Fusion for help with branding, design, and digital marketing.

How do we communicate innovation in a traditional field?

Healthcare and pharmaceutical audiences are used to a certain type of messaging. Lab coats and stethoscopes figure prominently. Fusion’s digital strategists knew that to stand out, PRECISIONxtract’s marketing campaigns would need to give prospects a framework for understanding the transformative nature of their ground-breaking products.



Our team began by building a data-driven, multi-stage buyer’s journey model to inform our understanding of PRECISIONxtract’s customers. Fusion’s people-focused approach then informed our recommendations to disrupt the audience’s usual ad stream.

The team developed a creative series of ad campaigns designed to stand out to pharmaceutical industry customers on LinkedIn. Where other products market to this audience with literal imagery and jargon, Fusion brought the donuts.


Fusion supported the overall go-to-market brand strategy for four flagship products in rapid succession. Our work included:

  • Digital strategy
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Lead magnet content
  • Microsite design, development, and content
  • Sales collateral design and content
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Follow-up lead nurture campaigns

Each piece of strategy, content, and design worked toward a goal to reach the market with a radically innovative product suite and facilitate rapid adoption.




Fusion enabled PRECISIONxtract’s rapid scale up as the market learned of the company’s transformative solutions.

The company continues to work with Fusion to integrate emerging technologies and enable better data access in the service of better patient outcomes.

Ultimately, the partnership makes it possible for healthcare providers to access more accurate and timely information, enabling data-driven decisions at the point of care.

1st qualified lead within 24 hours
1st qualified lead within 24 hours
100 qualified leads in 90 days
100 qualified leads in 90 days
>3x average leads over six months
>3x average leads over six months

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