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Find out how Cincinnati Bell used a mobile solution to provide meaningful interactions to enhance the customer experience and elevate their brand.


A dominant force in the telecommunications industry, Cincinnati Bell was already providing top-notch communications solutions to customers all over the Midwest. But they lacked a way to effectively manage these services such that it would be convenient for customers and cost-effective for the company. The solution was a mobile application, built to address current customer pain points, that would allow users to manage their services, pay bills, or chat with the Cincinnati Bell team at the convenience of their fingertips.

Cincinnati Bell wanted to ensure their app would tie to their broader vision of an improved customer experience. As such, the app was developed with great consideration given to meeting the needs of customers and driving the business forward. The company partnered with our team of digital experts to take their ideas and turn them into solutions.



Phase one: Digital strategy

  • Discovery and decisions about user design and customer needs, specifically addressing the needs of millennial customers
  • Customer journey mapping
    • Creation of target personas
    • Gap analysis
    • Pain point identification
  • Understanding which app features would be most relevant to customers and address current CX issues

Phase two: Application development

  • IOS and Android applications designed concurrently using Agile methodology
    • Developers provide workable software for review every two weeks, enabling customization and changes to be made throughout the process as they receive feedback from testers and users

Phase three: Measurement

  • Develop a measurement strategy to assess the impact of the mobile app on customer experience and, ultimately, business results


Cincinnati Bell’s success was built on the sound decision to first understand how an app would fit into a broader customer experience strategy and then build the app. They were aware that an app not connected to a CX strategy would fall short in meeting customer needs and business objectives. Cincinnati Bell’s work paid off with improved customer experiences, alignment within the company on a customer-centric strategy, and increased engagement.

Increased frequency of on-time payments
Increased frequency of on-time payments
Reduced strain on internal resources through self-help
Reduced strain on internal resources through self-help
Elevated brand awareness
Elevated brand awareness

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