In the new digital commerce context, data has skyrocketed from being a byproduct to becoming the core value proposition. Learn how this card processor used data to realign, transform, and expand its business.


One of the nation's largest credit- and debit-card transaction processing companies who saw the industry headed toward commoditization and omnichannel moved quickly to rethink its business and keep ahead of trends. A new data transformation strategy would be the key.


Our client was torn between knowing that it needed to innovate with new processes and technologies and continuing to serve its customers securely and efficiently. The organization needed a strategy not only to evaluate their existing technologies against newer, more nimble ones, but also to manage risk while maintaining their current service levels. 

Company leaders knew they’d have to rethink the very foundation of how they do business, and that included taking a hard look at their own capabilities and the gaps they needed to fill in order to affect change.  

With the goal of expanding to other channels and creating competitive, new product lines, our client’s data scientists would need to access data more easily, including data that had previously been unavailable to them.  

Having already made great strides toward creating a vision for the future, they needed expertise to guide such a transformation in a way that would align with their business strategy. They partnered with us to help develop a roadmap to get there.  

With our guidance, the client amassed the right blend of thought leadership, technical vision, and practical and tactical support, as well as mature processes and program discipline garnered from years of experience in the industry.  

Together, we:  

  • Created critical alignment between IT and the business  

  • Shaped and refined a three-year data strategy and a data transformation strategy  

  • Evaluated which technologies to repurpose or replace  

  • Implemented new technologies and began data integration and migration  

  • Identified change agents and thought leaders who would propel the organization to success


With a data transformation strategy and roadmap in place, our client was able to get ahead of the evolving payment-processing market.

Creating a data and analytics strategy based on new technological capabilities laid the foundation for creating new products to serve merchants’ changing needs. That, in turn, helped drive drive revenue growth and enabled merchants to personalize their services.

Through our work together, this company executed a fundamental internal shift in how the company sees its business offerings and achieved vision alignment across all parts of the business.

Strategy that leads to developing new data products
Ability to uncover new revenue streams
Vision alignment across the business