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Fortune 500 company empowers employees with easy access to the most accurate, up-to-date information.


A Fortune 500 card services company providing loyalty and marketing solutions wanted to improve internal communications and design a virtual workspace for its more than 8,000 employees. The company had envisioned a user-friendly intranet that would allow employees to work together efficiently and securely, but the resulting site didn’t adequately fulfill those needs. The company asked Fusion Alliance to step in to bring the concept to life, and the resulting intranet site delivered on the promises of Microsoft SharePoint, including time and cost savings that were realized through streamlined workflow processes and effective document management.


In theory, intranet sites help companies share information and improve communications. In reality, many sites don’t deliver and over time become a disorganized navigational maze due to a lack of governance, which further hampers productivity and collaboration. If your employees find it difficult to navigate your intranet and waste time dealing with administrative tasks, you lose productivity and money, putting your business at a disadvantage. Investing in a well-structured, well-thought-out intranet site with built-in governance controls provides you with a competitive advantage. An easy-to-use site yields efficiency, collaboration, and effective workflow. It empowers employees to have instant access to and make decisions based on the latest information, which affects not only productivity, but customer service. In an economy where customer focus is the order of the day, an investment in internal productivity is an investment.

Having invested in an intranet that was not sufficiently meeting the workload demands of thousands of users, this organization decided to look for outside expertise to build a site that would be reliable, secure, and do what was originally intended. Companies that experience difficulty with new systems sometimes throw out their entire investment. This client understood the outcomes SharePoint could deliver company-wide and decided to remedy the issues of its out-of-the-box system.



Fusion stepped into the picture with a plan in place. We completed an inventory of content in the existing SharePoint site to distinguish current usage patterns and ensure the new templates would accommodate these patterns. We also conducted numerous stakeholder interviews to identify key content items needed for the redesign.

The client wanted to build three different site templates, those for teams, projects, and pages.

Using Agile and a proprietary project-management methodology called SureSolve, our team designed a new site for each of the templates and created a branded master page consistent with the organization’s style standards. We employed Agile development to create a site that can adapt and evolve with the changing demands of the employees, business, and industry.

We designed and created a customized My Documents Web Part, a governance plan and content guide, and a site map and information architecture. Workflows were streamlined and processes put in place so that document and project management were no longer cumbersome. Our team also designed and implemented customizations and other features following Microsoft best practices, with forethought to ensure that those customizations did not hamper the client’s ability to upgrade SharePoint or move to SharePoint Online in the future.


In the end, the redesigned intranet site was a hit. The site is secure, reliable, and directly impacts employee productivity, the ability to collaborate, and responsiveness to internal and external needs.

Increased user productivity
Increased user productivity
Streamlined workflow processes and document management
Streamlined workflow processes and document management
Enhanced user communication and collaboration
Enhanced user communication and collaboration

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