Automated testing improves release confidence for insurer



A specialty insurer had little confidence in its release pipelines. It pushed code changes apprehensively, as its day-to-day norm became putting out fires in production. The insurer wanted to embed confidence of quality into its software development lifecycle so that it could deliver functioning software with a positive business impact.


Fusion’s software testing experts worked with the client’s development teams to develop two reusable frameworks for automating and verifying their applications. The first handles their web-based applications; the latter addresses their desktop clients. Through the entire engagement, we helped the client understand what constitutes a good set of tests.


In the end, our solution integrated highly-vetted open-source technologies to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, designed frameworks to be extended easily, allowing for fine-tuned customization, developed lean smoke test suites both to vet the new frameworks and to train developers, and empowered the company’s development team to expand test coverage to all of their applications using the same frameworks.

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Charted a path forward for testing efforts
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Developed reusable test frameworks
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Integrated existing and new continuous integration flows

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