Why are third-party cookies going away?

Q: Why are third-party cookies going away?

A: Third-party cookies are going away due to rising concerns about data privacy. As data breaches and cyber-attacks proliferate, consumers are more aware of the dangers of data sharing. Instead of being impressed by targeted ads third-party cookies make possible, many consumers have become wary.

For marketers that have long relied on third-party data to drive their customer acquisition and content targeting, the news that third-party cookies are going away was far from welcome. However, the upcoming change gives companies an opportunity to pause, reframe, and ultimately strengthen their customer data strategies.

Why third-party cookies raise red flags

With more and more consumers and companies falling victim to data breaches and cyber-attacks, the risks of collecting data without direct consent continue to multiply. The resulting legislative and policy changes make it more difficult to defend third-party cookies, and many major search engines started phasing them out years ago.

With Google’s intent to complete cookie deprecation by late 2023, third-party cookies are officially going away as a marketing tactic.

What consumers think

Today, third-party cookies allow marketers to target ads to consumer interests, feed more relevant content, and tailor products and services to market desires. However, consumers are increasingly wary of how their data is collected, stored, and used. Many people are willing to forego customized content for the sake of their privacy.

How you can shift your customer data strategy

If your customer data strategy has always focused on third-party data, now that third-party cookies are going away, you’ll need to pivot. Fortunately, you have some time before cookie deprecation is complete, but don’t delay too long. You’ll need to assess your risk, build a new strategy, get company buy-in, and handle any technology changes and implementation.

In the long run, cookie deprecation may make your marketing more robust and effective than before. Getting it right is possible, but the time to begin is now.

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