What is a data clean room?

Q: What is a data clean room?

A: A data clean room collects aggregated data from walled gardens and allows marketers to add their own first-party data to see how it matches up. This allows marketers to see where they might be duplicating ad reach. In a data clean room, none of the aggregated data can be used or analyzed outside of the protected space.

Where to find data clean rooms

An organization that operates a closed platform or technology ecosystem with controlled access, often called a “walled garden,” can sell limited access to its data to external sources through a data clean room.

This second-party data — not collected by your company with direct consent and yet more reliable than information from third-party cookies — can help marketers expand their understanding of customer profiles.

To find data clean rooms to fit your strategy, look for walled gardens whose customer base overlaps with your own target customers.

What you can do with data clean rooms

Data clean rooms allow marketers to add their own first-party data to the first-party data of the walled garden and see how it matches up. This can help you flesh out your customer profiles, check your assumptions, and prevent duplicating ad reach.

How privacy works in a data clean room

A data clean room functions as a neutral space to aggregate data. Your first-party data is not stored in the clean room, and you can’t export walled garden data from the clean room. Any other companies that analyze data within the clean room likewise can’t access your data, or vice versa.

Where data clean rooms fit in with your strategy

As you prepare for cookie deprecation, your data strategy may need to shift. Replacing third-party data with second-party, first-party, or even zero-party data can take time.

Wondering how to use data clean rooms in your marketing strategy?
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