How will cookie deprecation impact 2022?

And 5 other key questions to ask before it’s too late

With Google’s recent announcement delaying the end of third-party cookies from early 2022 to late 2023, some brands pumped the brakes on rethinking their customer data strategies. Others doubled down. 

Don’t leave this window of opportunity on the table. 

Recorded in November 2021, our 30-minute, on-demand video session covers five key questions to answer as you position your brand for success in the new customer data landscape. Your registration includes the following training materials: 

  • 30-minute video — watch on your own schedule and at your own speed 
  • One-page overview on cookie deprecation that you can share with leadership across your business 
  • Slide deck including helpful visuals to use in your business case 
  • Checklist for your new data strategy 
  • Worksheet to help you plan for a post-cookie world

Learn how to future-proof your customer data strategy — starting now. 

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Learn how to kickstart your transition from third-party cookies to first-party data. 

Meet our speakers

Amy Brown

Amy Brown 

Digital Solution Director

As a Digital Solutions Director at Fusion Alliance, Amy Brown helps clients craft experiences that make brands and customers more valuable to one another. She excels at bridging the technical to the practical and has worked with Fortune 100 clients on highly complex projects within and around the martech space.

Adam Towvin

Adam Towvim 

Marketing & Data Privacy Expert

Adam serves as an advisor on the Future of Privacy Forum and Adjunct Professor at Brandeis Business School. As an invited speaker for top industry conferences on Big Data, digital media, and data privacy, he has over 25 years of experience working with consumer data analytics, marketing, and privacy issues for some of the world’s fastest-growing marketers, retailers, and media companies.

Saj Patel

Sajid Patel 

Vice President Data Practice

Saj leads Fusion’s Data Practice, including Strategic Data Management, BI & Analytics, and Data Integration & Architecture. A core part of his focus is to help clients develop data strategies and roadmaps aligned around their initiatives and then provide services to lead them through incremental delivery of value using modern data technologies.