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What’s next for banks?

Reimagining customer insights, risks, & relationships through machine learning

    April 22, 2021         12:00 – 12:45 p.m. EST

2020 was a challenging year for the banking industry. While a lot of attention has been focused on the risk side of the balance sheet, we see many opportunities moving forward:

  • over 20,000,000 Americans banked online for the first time
  • the U.S. savings rate increased over 10%
  • the banking industry is viewed more favorably than ever

The result? A portfolio of more customers than ever that desire and are positioned for a variety of banking products delivered in a digital, personalized, and meaningful way.

Luckily, your bank is collecting substantial volumes of data about your customers’ financial disposition, preferences, and suitability every day.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can turn this data into insights that can be used to drive cross-sell revenue. Key takeaways below.

Discover how machine learning turns customer data into insights you can use to drive revenue.

After this webinar, you will understand:

How machine learning provides insights delivered on an individual customer basis (vs. broad segmentation or static statistics)

How to identify and prioritize likely conversion candidates inside your portfolio for cross-selling across investments, credit cards, loans, and more

How to measure customers’ long-term value and disposition on their banking relationship journey to cultivate future opportunity

Meet our experts

John Dages

John Dages 

With 15+ years of technology leadership experience, John brings a unique perspective to companies on their advanced analytics journey. He led numerous machine learning initiatives for large enterprises across industries. Those projects range from customer acquisition and retention to securities pricing and trade analytics.

John’s background in application development, analytics, systems integration, and I&O helps him formulate how businesses can use data to drive competitive advantage and engineer true intellectual property.

Sajith Wanigasinghe, Practice Lead, AI & Machine Learning

Sajith Wanigasinghe 

Sajith is an expert in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and enterprise-wide, web-based application development, with a B.S. in computer science from Franklin University.

Sajith helps enterprises identify and solve challenges across the business that are ideal for machine learning. He led teams that revolutionized the financial, insurance, food, and retail industries by introducing advanced, intelligent forecasting systems that are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence.