Sitecore Accelerator Program

Need to fast forward to efficiency and results?

Not every Sitecore implementation is the same. However, there are some key steps to getting your Marketing and IT teams on the right track no matter your industry or approach. Our Accelerator Program focuses on impactful, near-term wins that result in a real-life execution that your team can grow and leverage long after the program has wrapped.

This program is customizable based on your goals and needs. We often include items like:

  • Validation of your base Sitecore settings, including team permissions
  • Sitecore Reference Guide authored by Fusion
  • A Sitecore website campaign designed to drive results and impact, complete with Goals and Workflows
  • A campaign performance readout leveraging the Sitecore measurement suite
  • Reusable content template(s), page layout(s), and layout components

Check out our process below.

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Our Process

Perform Authorability Assessment

We conduct a five-point assessment of:

  1. Templates
  2. Layouts
  3. Permissions
  4. Workflow
  5. Data collection

Identify & Prioritize Opportunities 

We’ll identify your opportunities for improvement and work with you to prioritize. Then we select the items defined as quick wins to implement for you in step three.

Implement & Execute Quick Wins

We work with you to implement the quick win items that were defined in step two so that you have immediate results.

Outline Roadmap for Success

We take the findings from our assessment and prioritization exercises to outline a roadmap for your ongoing success. Here, we can give guidance on what it would like to continue on your own or with our assistance. 

Amy Brown

Chat with our expert: Amy Brown

Amy Brown is a Digital Solutions Director and Sitecore Practice Lead at Fusion Alliance. Amy works with clients to craft experiences that make brands and customers more valuable to one another. She excels at bridging the technical to the practical and is well-versed in Sitecore products and integrations. With more than 10 years of experience in the martech space, she has worked with Fortune 100 clients on the most complex of projects.

Full Sitecore Service Capabilities


Sitecore Accelerator Program

Need to fast forward to efficiency and results? Our Accelerator Program combines our services into a custom package spanning over 8 weeks.

This program focuses on impactful, near-term wins that result in a real-life execution that your team can grow and leverage long after the program has wrapped. More details.


Audits & Assessments

We work with you to evaluate your current CMS/DXP from all angles, including code management, deployment processes, integrations, information architecture, content author usability, and use of associated marketing tools and add-ons.

Our end-to-end gap analysis prioritizes major blockers and identifies low-effort wins, with the goals of accelerating internal adoption and improving end-user outputs.

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Sitecore Build & Migration

No single CMS build is the same; however, key principles and structures are often repeated – particularly when equipping businesses with tools to easily create and stand-up multiple sites from the same platform.

We work to simplify migrations with clear content auditing and tracking methods, integration of modular design systems, and the use of automated approaches where appropriate.


Process & Governance

Many times, CMS responsibilities stretch across silos within an organization. We work with you to craft an approach to process and roles and responsibilities that optimizes the use of content management tools.

Together we can partner on effective change management and onboarding materials to make the most of a company’s resources – both human and technological.

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Sitecore Enhancements

Fusion wants to help you avoid “Launch it and leave it” syndrome. A website or application needs to grow along with a company’s customers and business objectives.

We work with companies to establish regular maintenance and deployment cadences, cross-discipline workflows, and processes that allow business stakeholders to effectively monitor and prioritize work.


Integrations + Sitecore

Your CMS/DXP is only one of many platforms you’re using to create omnichannel experiences. Our team has extensive experience in managing APIs, integrating your favorite tools, and setting up an effective analytics suite.

And our Data and Cloud teams can go even deeper if you’re interested in data warehousing, enterprise service buses, and the integration of cloud-hosted solutions.

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Sitecore Training

We partner with you to ensure that both IT and Marketing users are able to leverage the platform from Day One.

On-site or virtual training sessions, accompanied by presentations and takeaways, are available.

How we engage

Project-based consulting

Co-sourced teams

Strategic staffing

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