Is retargeting without cookies possible?

Q: Is retargeting without cookies possible?

A: Retargeting without cookies won’t work in quite the same ways. Marketers may continue to employ some of the same ideas using second-party data from “walled gardens” like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, or may shift into different tactics like placement based on first-party information from core customers.

Cookie deprecation challenges several common marketing tactics, but the loss of retargeting leaves a significant gap that may be difficult to fill without cookies. To succeed in a post-cookie world, marketers need to reframe their strategies to make the most of first-party data, using different tactics to meet critical KPIs.

Walled gardens

Some retargeting may be possible using second-party data from “walled gardens” like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. These closed ecosystems often allow marketers limited access to their customer data, which may allow marketers to check their assumptions and prevent duplication. However, attempting to shoehorn retargeting into walled garden access may not be the best use of second-party data.

First-party placement

Another idea is to use your own first-party data to inform ad placement. While not as foolproof as retargeting behavior or customer segments, marketers may find similar results as their first-party generated profiles deepen.

New customer data strategies

Ultimately, the best answer for how to handle retargeting without cookies is to start from the ground-up with a new customer data strategy. Conducting a thorough risk assessment to identify where your organization uses third-party cookies now and what KPIs are met with that information can help you understand gaps you need to fill with new tactics.

Not sure how to reframe your marketing strategy to meet your KPIs once you’re retargeting without cookies? Learn more about the impact of cookie deprecation, and how to prepare >>

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