A Revolution in Supply Chain Management

Fusion ComTrac

In the energy industry where a single penny’s variance in price per ton of coal translates to hundreds of millions of dollars in profit or loss, increased profitability is just the beginning.

Fusion ComTrac manages your supply chain, revolutionizing your bulk commodities tracking. Achieve tighter control over materials quality and improve your ability to see beyond your own business to consider the terrain of your industry – and chart your course through it to greater profitability.

ComTrac Simplifies

  • Streamlined tracking processes reduce month-end closings, often by 50% or more.
  • A single, integrated application covers the entire commodity lifecycle, improving efficiencies and decreasing opportunities for error.

ComTrac is Flexible

  • Web-enabled application runs behind your company’s firewall or as a hosted application available via the Internet.
  • Holistic view of entire supply chain provides configurable tracking and reporting for different parts of your business.
Formula Builder

Provides flexible pricing and cost analysis based on creating formulas for factors outlined within a contract, such as penalty/premium adjustments, surcharges, index values, etc.

Purchase and Sales Transactions

Powerful system framework supports both purchases and sales and ensures accurate inventory levels for all commodities.

Point of Contact Entry

Allows data entry at the source, minimizing the potential for error and improving commodities lifecycle workflow efficiency.

“Simplifying the month-end close is easily the most awesome thing about ComTrac…along with me possibly getting my life back.”