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Building a composable enterprise

Technology leaders have long felt the pain of the accelerating pace of business change. Navigating unpredictable circumstances — along with customer and employee expectations of contextualized and personalized application experiences — demands innovation and adaptability.

And IT professionals know better than anyone that their monolithic legacy systems can’t deliver on that front.

The fact is most current application portfolios were designed to address the challenges of the past. In today’s context, they’re an obstacle to success. Digital transformation mandates come with a cost, and for most companies, the costs and risks associated with major change make wholesale replacement of the entire enterprise architecture impractical.

Enter composability.

Composable applications offer an iterative path to transformation, by packaging components that can be used in many combinations across the business. As you work toward composability, you’ll reap the benefits of modernization, including more efficient, effective, and scalable technology to give your business the agility you need for ongoing success.

Choosing composability

The roadmap to composable enterprise

Composable enterprise is an ongoing evolution

To keep your applications composable, invest in composable culture

Composability benchmarks

Putting it all together

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