Download Case Study: United Healthcare’s Web Redesign Hits a Home Run

In order to bolster its highly competitive position, UHOne set a course to overcome three challenges: infrastructure, branding and marketing. The company worked with Fusion Alliance to implement a new CMS and to unify and redesign its website(s). The result? UHOne now has a forward-looking infrastructure and a flexible architecture for future growth. This strong platform has the capability of handily supporting future multisite development, and UHOne has already felt the impact.

  • Discover the universal challenges UHOne faced in a highly regulated environment
  • Learn how Fusion’s work helped unify and strengthen UHOne’s corporate brand identity
  • Discover how Sitecore work played into the overall picture (leveraging the impact of adaptive content management systems)
  • Understand the steps Fusion took to transform UHOne’s vision into reality

UHOne is a member of a family of companies owned by United Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers.