Download Case Study: Utility Builds Instant Customer Satisfaction

What worked 10 years ago doesn’t work today. The idea holds true across industries. Vectren, a successful energy holding company, was eager to transform its business and shed yesterday’s practices. It sought to change customer perception, reduce call center costs, develop a responsive website, employ self-service capabilities and improve processes. It accomplished all that and more. Read how the company moved from a lackluster site and service to earning rave reviews.

  • Learn about the common business issues that Vectren sought to solve: complicated processes for customers, an overly burdened call center and a need to revive customer satisfaction
  • Discover how gaining clarity about the customer journey created long-term value for Vectren and its customers
  • Explore the depth of changes the website and portal needed to undergo
  • Understand how self-service options directly impact customer satisfaction and reduce costs