Data and the digital dragon

by | Aug 31, 2022

Forge your strategy in Valyrian steel

Brilliantly harnessing the news cycle, Gartner released its report on how to become a digital dragon just as HBO premiered its spinoff Game of Thrones series that details the risks and opportunities of becoming a dragon in the geopolitical sense. Not to spoil the plot of either narrative, but dragons (of the digital or CGI variety) are not simple to create, tame, or control.  

That’s where data comes in.  

In the developing digital ecosystem, a solid data strategy harnesses that dragon energy and keeps the organization ready to pivot at the right time. Here’s how Gartner’s three steps to digital dragon status play out for data: 

  1. Increase risk appetite: To be adaptive, spot potential immediately, and act fast, you need to be able to trust your data. 
  1. Inject cognitive diversity: To keep your diverse and flexible talent pool from getting trapped in information silos, you need to be able to deliver your data. 
  1. Incubate digital dragons: To cultivate a curious, entrepreneurial culture in your organization, your executives and business units need to be able to leverage your data. 

No matter where your organization is on the path to becoming a digital dragon, data’s role is to drive better decisions, better customer experiences, and better access to information across the business. Data strategy is a key component to any successful digital transformation. 

Forge your data strategy with Valyrian steel (metaphorically speaking). Let’s talk about where you are on your journey, and how we can help you get there faster. 

Get Smart: If the summary article linked above left you wanting more, the (gated) Gartner report you’re looking for is: “The Armed and Potent Digital Leader: How to Become a Digital Dragon.” For those without the stomach for another foray into Westeros, but who still have a taste for dynastic feuding and magical flying (of a sort), you might check out Alex Bledsoe’s Appalachian fairy tale The Hum and the Shiver

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