Catalyst SDM&A: How to make your data deliver

by | Mar 11, 2022

Organizations today are inundated with data from different sources. This data can help you make better business decisions, improve customer interactions and retention, and create more intentional strategic plans. But none of that is possible if you can’t trust or access your data.

Some of the common pain points we see around data in organizations are:

  • There is no single source of truth to use to make decisions
  • Managers don’t have the right data available in real time to accelerate decision-making
  • Time is wasted searching for and reconciling data
  • The data exists, but is not keeping up with business needs
  • Concerns about compliance
  • Lack of trust in data quality

That’s why we created our proprietary Catalyst Strategic Data Management & Analytics (SDM&A) Framework — a comprehensive and flexible framework that enables you to examine your business across all domains of data and analytics maturity.

Fusion’s Catalyst SDM&A

Without the right framework, your information is useless to your organization. We work to ensure that the following data components are accounted for in your strategy and that you’re able to execute in a way that moves your business goals forward.

A comprehensive list of data components as they fit into a bigger data strategy.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that companies need a holistic, 360° view of the SDM&A landscape in order to decide how to proceed most efficiently while delivering maximum business value.

The Fusion SDM&A Catalyst helps businesses understand data maturity across the data domains of data governance, reporting and analytics, data delivery, data architecture, technology and operations, metadata, and data quality and metrics.

Using our framework, you can:

  1. Understand your business’s current data maturity level across the seven critical domains shown above
  2. Identify gaps or deficiencies between your desired state and your current state, and walk away with a roadmap that gets you where you want to go
  3. Align data and analytic investments with business strategy, goals, and objectives.

Our Catalyst SDM&A Framework is completely customizable, so we are able to meet you wherever you are on your data journey and create a solution that meets your unique needs.

Click here to learn more about our strategic data management services.

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