Greg Swearingen

Why did you choose Fusion?

I was working as a contractor at the time and collaborated with a colleague who was employed at Fusion Alliance. They had good things to say about the company, so I got in touch with one of Fusion’s recruiters. I liked the opportunities Fusion Alliance had and the experience of other associates.

What could we spot you doing outside of work that would flabbergast your coworkers?

I ride a motorcycle and do extensive gardening. Some people find that combination of hobbies hard to imagine.

What is your personal motto?

Experience makes a difference.

What word of advice would you give to someone who’d like to join your team?

Understand that my team has high expectations around both open communication and delivery. We like to talk about what we are developing and why we are making the choices we do for code and deliverables. We believe in team effort and knowledge sharing.

Three survival items on a deserted island. Go.

Water filtration system. Cheez-Its. Mobile solar powered satellite communication system.

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