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Self-Service BI

Where is your organization on the spectrum of enabling self-service analytics? On one end of the spectrum, are you heavily reliant on IT for reports with a known, well-developed shadow IT group proliferating non-sanctioned spreadmarts? Or, on the other end, is your business fully empowered to explore and interrogate its own data with modern analytics tools using IT-sanctioned, trusted sources? Most organizations are somewhere in between, but nearly all want to move further to the right, allowing the business users who know the data best to answer their own questions. The content on this page is meant to educate and provide considerations for moving the needle when it comes to enablement of self-service and the responsible development of data assets across the enterprise. Please help yourself, and if you would like to learn more, reach out to hear how our consultants can advise you in all things data: from strategic data management, integration and architecture, to BI and analytics. The Case for Agile and Self-Service BISolve your reporting-paradigm challenges. Understand why an agile approach to self-service BI can be the perfect solution. Self-Service BI and Analytics for Today’s CIOStay competitive using data. Discover how to move to a self-service reporting program and what key factors to consider.