Evolved Contract Settlement

Fusion Acuity

Model, refine, create, negotiate, and execute extremely complex contracts quickly so you can point your product to the customer who delivers the greatest profitability to your business.

Fusion Acuity is a configurable contract settlement system that enables you to stand up complex contracts in a dynamic business environment quickly, accurately, and with greater insight than ever before. Acuity lets you focus on expanding your market options and pursuing the business opportunities you want.

Acuity Is Streamlined

  • Acuity’s reporting engine generates custom reports for managing complex charge calculations.
  • The formula builder and interpreter processes billions of dollars per month using complex charge formulas with user defined charge components.

Acuity Manages Risk

  • A single application manages contracts with complex pricing and settlement rules.
  • Event notification capabilities enable more efficient responses to system-initiated events and critical response triggers.
Flexible Contract Negotiations

Model multiple contract scenarios and individually assess revenue and profit impacts, opening the door to expanding market opportunities.

Regulatory Compliant

Ensure compliance with all regulatory and/or audit requirements, even in tightly controlled and scrutinized industries.

Centralized View

Consolidate vast amounts of data from disparate points of your business and post out financial transactions to a centralized location.

“Acuity reduced our IT costs because we don’t have to maintain multiple independent systems anymore.”