Authored by Jesse Luke
Jesse Luke

Jesse Luke, Fusion’s Lead Digital Analytics & SEO Strategist, is a results-driven thinker, quality enhancer and a nonconformist to organizational norms when they get in the way of digital transformation. Specializing in web analytics and digital marketing strategy, Mr. Luke has led the development and delivery of measurement strategy and roadmaps across a multitude of industry landscapes, including Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare and insurance industries. Whether he’s in the office, running a co-operative team or consulting with a client, Mr. Luke provides subject matter expertise and thought leadership around digital analytics and SEO to all whom he works with. His advocacy for digital analytics and extensive experience providing value-driven results for enterprises make him a true expert of data, SEO, SEM and measurement strategy.

With increasing customer demands and competition a click away, access to data-driven responses in real time has become a necessity for business users and marketers. Today, the market is full of digital analytics tools for measuring your customer experience across web and mobile applications, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and point of sales (POS). When […]

When digital analytics do not produce useful outcomes to inform business decisions, digital teams often point to reporting and analysis as the culprit. But an in-depth investigation of the measurement strategy and digital analytics implementation often reveals a much different truth: digital marketing teams often don’t fully understand the capabilities of the tools at their disposal. This common issue is born […]